5 Habits of People with Great Skin

If any of these questions have popped up in your mind, make sure to read on:

  • “What does it really take to have great skin ?”
  • “All my friends seem to have great skin, why can’t I ?”
  • “What can I really do to make my skin just the way I want it ?”

Well, we’re glad you asked. If you are thinking the secret to most people with great skin is their extensive skincare routines, then you are definitely missing the big picture. While yes, you can scrub, mask and moisturise all you want, there is definitely more to making your skin quality better. Here are 5 habits you need to pick up if you are looking to make your skin soft, glowing and absolutely blemish-free.

(Step 1.) Hydrate: Not just yourself, but your skin too. That’s right, while we all know exactly how important it is to keep yourself hydrated 24x7, some of us miss out on doing just that for our skin. What’s more, the Softal Ultra Light Vitamin C Moisturiser will just do the trick! It’s no secret that moisturising is a staple in any skincare routine worth its salt, but don’t forget, even without any extensive skincare routine, keeping your skin moisturised is a must!

(Step 2.) Diet: While the Softal Pomegranate Face Cleanup can clean your face, cleaning up your diet is entirely up to you. If you want your skin to be soft, smooth and supple while glowing radiantly, it’s time to clean up your diet. Just a regular healthy balanced diet will do the trick, but make sure to stay consistent throughout.

(Step 3.) Sleep: Our body needs rest, our minds need rest. But if you are just thinking of your skin, well, it needs rest too. And quality sleep is the key to keeping those eyebags away. Remember one thing, when your body feels tired, the first place it shows on is your skin. While yes, a Softal Pomegranate Face Mask will most definitely do the trick, at the end of the day, or night, sleep is your skin’s best friend in the long run.

(Step 4.) Destress: If you are missing out on waking up fresh, might we recommend using the Softal Pomegranate Scrub? And while you are at it, just add another very important step to bettering your skin, stop stressing! About anything and everything. The more you make your life stress-free the more your skin gets closer to becoming the best it can be.

(Step 5.) Exercise: Wait, what? Exercise? Are we talking about gaining a glowing, beautiful skin or losing weight? Well, while exercise is not often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about skincare, it’s extremely crucial. Why? Two words, blood flow. The better the blood circulation in your body, the more blood is going to make your skin alive, no matter whether you blush or frown. What’s more, you can perfectly compliment it with the Softal Pomegranate Facemask to make your face look even more fresh!

Now it’s time for you to make these essential habits a part of your life and make every moment count when it comes to making your dream smoother, softer and more radiant!

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