The Best Skincare Products for Oily and Dry Skin

Oily skin, or dry skin? It’s really as simple as a coin toss. What the fate, the season, the day, the month, or even the year has in store for you, more often than not, it’s completely unpredictable. People might often face both these issues, just on different seasons, or maybe different days. To be honest, it’s been said that what you had for dinner the night before might actually affect the condition your skin is currently in. There are so many factors to determining what the condition of a person’s skin might be at any given point in time, that there doesn’t seem to be any effective solution to the problem.

And yet, countless skincare companies like Softal Cosmetics have definitely got your back! We have been solving these very skincare issues for years! So isn’t it obvious to expect the formula to have been perfected by now? Well, if it’s been so long that we have been dealing with the problems of dry and/or oily skin, shouldn’t a perfect solution to it all exist already? To understand that, let’s first understand when and, even more importantly, why, we need to think of our dry or oily skin as something that needs to be corrected and not just the “natural” state of our skin on any given day.

First of all, let’s remember that each and every one of us most likely has naturally good and smooth skin. If you are someone dealing with dry or oily skin, it’s most likely due to external factors like the heat, pollution, the quality of water in your shower etc. But just the fact that we take all of these things for granted and as a natural part of our lives, we take the effects that these things have on skin as a natural part of our lives as well. However, that’s definitely not the case. And if you want, try and using the following products by Softal Cosmetics which have been specifically created and curated from their large collection of products to suit your needs as someone who might be dealing with the difficulties of dry skin and/or oily skin.

For Dry Skin:

  • Softal Shea- Cocopalm Moisturiser


For Oily Skin:

  • Softal Sugar Lemon Scrub
  • Softal Skin Whitening Flawless Cleanser


For Dry/Oily Skin:

  • Softal Caffeine Face & Body Skin Cream with Arabica Coffee
  • Softal Caffeine Face Cleanup with the Goodness of Arabica Coffee
  • Softal Caffeine Face & Body Scrub with Arabica Coffee
  • Softal Caffeine Xpresso Facial Mask with Arabica Coffee


Winter is coming, and with the goodness of all those products by Softal Cosmetics, it’s time for you to battle your dry or oily skin problems and prepare for a battle where you know your skin is going to come out cleaner, smoother, and most definitely...the winner!

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