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Caffeine Face & Body Scrub

Caffeine Face & Body Scrub

Made with Care : No Harmful Chemicals | SLS Free | No Mineral Oil | Cruelty-Free | Paraben Free | For Normal to Oily Skin | For Men & Women

Pack Size : 200 gm.

Shelf Life : 24 Months

Product Information :- Packed with goodness of coffee powder our caffeine scrub polishes the skin and removes dead cells from skin. Caffeine face scrub reduces dark spots and clears out blackheads.SLS Free, Paraben Free and loaded with the goodness of skin-perfecting ingredients – this face scrub has perfectly sized particles that aren’t rough on your skin. They do not dry out skin. The scrub works effectively on the rough and uneven skin, early signs of ageing and scars.The chlorogenic acids in coffee may also reduce inflammation and protect against some strains of bacteria.Open up the clogged pores and exfoliate away to a clear, fresher and younger looking skin that’s soft, smooth, tan free and glowing. Get a nourished skin that breathes free.

Active ingredients

COFFEE EXTRACT : The antioxidants in coffee removes skin puffiness andrepairs damaged skin and treat acne and pimples. It evens out uneven skin tone and clears excess sebum and oil from skin. It decreases the appearance of sun spots, redness, and fine lines. It exfoliates skin and removes Tan & Blackheads and further improves blood circulation.

GRAPESEED EXTRACT : Grape seed Extract along with a number of other herbal ingredients improves your skin’s elasticity and promotes skin softness. It maintains skin’s moisture. Grape seed oil helps the vitamin E and vitamin C in your skin to be more efficient and effective at preserving your skin.

WALNUT POWDER : The benefits of gently exfoliating your skin with ingredients containing walnut shell

Powder are:-

  • Your skin will have a smooth and even
  • It can help fight against acne and an excess oil build up in your skin.
  • Removes dead and dry skin cells, giving you healthier skin.
  • It is eco-friendly and far better for the environment than exfoliators containing micro beads.

ALMOND OIL : Almond oil has been used for centuries to treat dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. The

oil’s fatty acid content may help dissolve excess oil on the skin, while the retinoid in the oil may reduce the appearance of acne and improve cell turnover. It also helps in reversing sun damage to skin.

How to use

  • Wash your face with Softal Caffeine Xpresso Facial Cleanup
  • Spread the scrub evenly over hands. Before applying the product toyour face, rub both hands together gently to spread the scrub to yourother hand.
  • Apply gently to your face and scrub it in circular motions to remove dead cells and blackheads.
  • Scrub slowly for at least 5 to 8 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Pat dry your skin with clean cloth
  • Apply Softal Caffeine Face & Body Cream to retain the moisture.

Key Benefits :

SMOOTH SKIN : This face scrub gently buffs away all the rough dead skin cells, stubborn blackheads, tan and impurities.

UNCLOGS OPEN PORES : The negatively charged ions in the clay, as we saw, attract dust, grime, oil, and even unclog the pores. This way, the clay also prevents blemishes and blackheads.

EXFOLIATES : Kaolin clay acts as an abrasive that scrapes off the dead and dying cells from the top layer of your skin, thereby clearing it up.

SOFTENS SKIN : It smoothen out bumps, unclog pores, and remove blackheads. Ultimately results into softer and smoother skin.

REMOVE ACNE SCARS : It not only treats pimples but also clears the residue that may cause scars. Using this consistently gives you great results.

Safety : For external use only, in case irritation develops, discontinue use.

Skin Type : All Skin Type

Warning : Don’t keep it in direct sunlight.

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